About us

Our company was established in year 2014 having 5 business verticals focusing on Green Energy storage & generation Solutions, Green Energy, EV Charging Infrastructure, Telecom Infrastructure, communications and Automation for Metals & Mining.

Past three years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading service provider for state-of-the art telecom energy solution and have significant footprint in India. We have over 200+ installations in various states in India (UP, MP, Rajasthan & Haryana) with leading Telecom companies and offer cost effective and reliable power 24X7 to the telecom sites.

Looking at the increased need from various other Industries like: Banking, Underground mine & Comunication, Education Institutions, Smart City, Retail gas outlets and other manufacturing Industries for right technical and service oriented Renewable energy solution and as well there is increased need for better and efficient energy storage system felt in the Telecom and Automobile Industry

Advanced Energy storage Lithium-Ion product with Remote Monitoring System.

  1. Solar solutions for Roof top (KW) and Developers(MW)
  2. Green energy smart solution (GESS) Include Telecom Cells Sites Industries, Industrial Warehouses, rooftop installations, EV charging stations & telecom cow.

Leading telecom and renewables esco company. Leading Company in the field of power and packaging.

It’s a remarkable name in the field of Renewable Energy in Telecom Towers Introduced technologies like Advance batteries, flow batteries and micro cooling systems for electronics.


To be a leading ESCO for telecom . To bring green energy to each areas which affects and supports mobility . (OORJA ON MOVE™)


To provide our Solutions and services in line with customer expectations. Be amongst the top 5 companies in Grid storage in next 3 yrs. To create Technology and innovations which bring about drastic improvement in the society specially to benefit
(a) Health (b) Environment (c) Safety (d) Skill building.
Be amongst the top 2 companies in the field of Mines and Underground communications.