OOMIPL has become generic name in the area of Telecom, ESS, Smart-Portable and Clean Energy solution. Diversification and creation of additional line of business clearly distinguishes OOMIPL from many other companies. In last three years, it has been focusing on building new generation utility using solar energy and energy storage solution. Today OOMIPL is the leading Energy Storage solution provider in India and expanding rapidly for global footprint. Our team is enriched with technical background and has been closely associated with the various technologies in the power sector and telecom sector.

OOMIPL team with 200+ years of experience is slated amongst the top professionals who are appreciated for their understanding about stand-by power solutions for industrial requirements.

OOMIPL team is earnestly responsible for overseeing the company to next level of success.

Oorja On Move has successfully established OOMIPL Group as a leading energy solution provider in India